Why an Endodontist May Be Right for You | Tyngsboro Dentist

When we think about checkups and teeth cleanings, we call our dentist. When our teeth are crooked, an orthodontist is the obvious answer. But have you ever heard of an endodontist? Believe it or not, but you may need one more than you think.

Endodontics involves the tooth pulp, which in the center of the tooth made of living connective tissue and cells. So, to put it basically, an endodontist is a root canal expert. An endodontic specialist will examine the damaged tooth and determine if the pulp is infected of inflamed. You may think – but doesn’t a general dentist do the same thing? Here are five reasons that will change your mind:

Variety of anesthesia options. Endodontists have access to far more anesthesia options and are much better trained in numbing up specific areas, such as those with severe infections.

Comfort. Root canals can be very painful, but endodontists have access to better tools and have had specialized training to keep your procedure as painless as possible.

Preservation of severely corrupted teeth. Because of their expertise and training, endodontists can save the most corrupted teeth, making your smile look natural. In fact, an endodontist will do everything possible to try to save your corrupted teeth.

Better emergency care. Not only do you get better quality care, but an endodontist can also take care of your emergency much faster.

More specialized training and experience. Not only are they traditional dentists, but they also receive additional training to make sure that they can handle the complexities of root canals and re-treatments.

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