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Bonding is a great way for you to regain confidence in your smile if you have chipped or broken one (or more) of your teeth. Bonding is a dental restoration which directly applys a tooth-colored composite to your tooth. Once the composite is applied, Dr. Yankowskas of Tyngsboro Cosmetic Dentistry will sculpt and shape it to make a perfect looking tooth. A high-intensity ultraviolet light is then used to harden the composite and is finished off by a fine polishing.

Not only is bonding useful for chipped and broken teeth, but it is great for stained teeth that are resistant to professional whitening treatment.

Although bonding does not last as long as veneers or crowns; with proper care, bonding composites can last for years.

For more information on bonding or any other dental restoration, please contact Tyngsboro Cosmetic Dentistry at 978-649-7773 or www.tyngsborocosmeticdentist.com.


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