The Advantages of Getting Digital X-rays at the Dentist | Tyngsboro Dentist

Traditional x-rays we a commonplace in dental visits, especially when it is a new dentist, or you haven’t been to the dentist in a while (something we don’t suggest). There would be hard objects put inside your mouth and a heavy blanket over you while someone leaves the room to snap your mouth’s photo. Then the dentist uses the x-rays once developed to show you things that have gone wrong or are in the process of going wrong in order to explain a treatment plan.

These days, we have digital photos to replace these large clunky images of yesteryear. The process is somewhat similar – a sensor is inserted into your mouth and images of your mouth and jawbones are digitally taken. The difference is that these images are immediately sent to a computer for viewing. No more waiting for the images to develop. Your mouth can now have selfies!

Not only is the technology faster, but it is also more in-depth. Because digital x-rays, like Schick, are on a computer screen, it is easier to zoom in and analyze multiple angles within your mouth, giving you a more thorough examination. Digital x-rays will be able to diagnose even the smallest of cavities and other issues that may be developing. What is better than catching a dental issue before it becomes an entire headache?

As if you need even more reason, digital x-rays taken are also great for the environment. No more film to develop with chemicals, and if you decide you need to show a specialist or other dental professional these x-rays, they can now be emailed directly.

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