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Theoretically, our teeth are designed to last our lifetime with proper care. And we all hope this is the case, but life happens, and there are times that life has left us with some missing teeth. Because having missing teeth can cause additional dental issues down the road, it is important to remedy these issues with the use of dental implants. Another permanent option is having to wear dentures, but full arch dental implants are a great way to achieve a natural looking smile without having to deal with the initial problems patients find when getting used to wearing dentures.

There are a number of options when it comes to dental implants – removable and non-removable – and both have their own advantages.

Semi-removable prosthetics means that the prosthesis (the teeth) is non-removable by the patient but can be removed by the dentist if necessary, making this variation a great option for many patients because there is no clumsiness. Another advantage is the various materials that can be used. Some options include an acrylic denture with acrylic teeth, or mental reinforced porcelain gums with porcelain teeth. The semi removable option is often used when there is a lot of bone loss and extensive areas of the gums are replaced in addition to the teeth.

Full dental arch implants that are non-removable are the ultimate permanent replacement option. Usually each replaced tooth has an implant and crown. Bridges can also be done where some teeth are attached to the adjacent implant teeth and therefore fewer implants are required. There are many factors that influence a successful result, including bone quality and quantity, bite, opposing dentition and habits such as bruxism.

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