Store Bought Nightguards vs Custom Made Nightguards



If you have a case of bruxism, or you grind your teeth at night while sleeping or clench your jaw subconsciously, your dentist may recommend that you wear a nightguard. At the very least, wearing a nightguard can help mitigate the damage of the constant grinding and clenching does to your teeth. However, this creates another dilemma for you, in which you have to choose between the cheaper store bought nightguard, and a custom made nightguard.

Store Bought Vs Custom Made

The constant grinding and clenching can do some pretty serious damage to your teeth. If left unchecked, it can cause cracks and fractures, which will require root canals, crowns, and bridges, among others, all of which are relatively expensive – and often painful – dental treatments.

Regardless of whether you bought store bought or custom made mouth guards, both do their jobs well enough as far as protecting your teeth goes.

The question now then is which of the two is more reliable and more comfortable to wear.

Why Custom Made Mouth Guards Are Worth It

A custom made nightguard costs roughly ten or so times more than a store bought one. However, even with the added premium, they are still well worth the cost.

The reason? Comfort, fit, and reliability of the materials used.

Store bought nightguards, while durable and do well enough to stop teeth from grinding against each other, aren’t exactly very comfortable to wear. Although this style of mouthguard uses thin materials to make it more suitable for use at night, they’re still far too thick to not interfere with the quality of your sleep.

They’re also made out of a type of plastic that you bite into to form the shape. You can only imagine just how “comfortable” wearing one will be like.

On the other hand, custom made nightguards are in a laboratory using an actual mold of your teeth. The fact that it’s customized alone means that the fit and comfort of custom made mouth guards are so much better.

The customization also goes further, though. The dentist can also recommend making the nightguards thicker in case your bruxism is worse compared to others. They can also make it thinner as well, in case your case isn’t as severe.

Lastly, custom made nightguards help relieve jaw strain and promote better jaw muscle positioning that helps minimize teeth clenching and grinding throughout the day when you’re awake.

Of course, they are far more expensive. More so when you consider that dental insurance providers usually do not cover the costs. However, when you consider all of its advantages, it’s clear that custom made nightguards are the better option.

Speaking of bruxism, make sure that you consider other bruxism treatment options as well.  Minimizing stress, changing your diet or medication, and fixing alignment issues with your teeth have all been proven to help with bruxism.

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