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When you have patients that are constantly apprehensive about keeping their appointments, it is time to rethink what is going on at the core of the treatment. There is no one more akin to this notion than the dental professional. Dental anxiety is such an issue, it has been given its own diagnosis. Luckily, there is technology. With new technology being introduced every day, the field of dental medicine isn’t one to be exempted from the many benefits brought about by new machines.

3D dental imaging, such as the Galileos 3D CT scan, present a clear set of advantages for both dental practitioners and patients alike in improving the overall clinical experience. 3D scans, in a way, provide a live feed of a patient’s dental anatomy from various angles. The various perspectives allow for a better view of the structure of the bones, making it easier to locate root fractures and canals and gain more accurate measurement of their patient’s dental structure.

The use of 3D dental scans also creates a more engaging environment where dental practitioners and professionals can assess their patient’s dental health, while at the same time the patient can also ask questions about what they see on the screen. This allows for constant communication between patient and doctor, allowing for a more comfortable dental visit for the patient, which may help put them at ease, especially those who suffer from dental anxiety. If given the choice between a dentist that has access to equipment such as a Galileos 3D CT scan and one that doesn’t, choose the former.

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