How Galileos 3D CT Scan Is Beneficial to Your Smile | Tyngsboro Dentist

galileos-3d-ct-scanBefore any dental procedure can begin, an examination must be done by your dental professional. Back in the day, this involved an x-ray. The x-rays would let the dentist see what is going on with your mouth, more than by physical examination. They would tack them to the screen and you would both sit down and discuss any issues that may be happening and discuss a plan of attack. Today, only the most advanced and innovation technology is used by the professionals of Tyngsboro Cosmetic Dentistry. This technology includes the Galileos 3D CT Scan, which allows for an in-depth view of your mouth, teeth, jawbone, and jaw points.

3D scans, in a way, provide a live feed of a patient’s dental anatomy from various angles. The various perspectives allow for a better view of the structure of the bones, making it easier to locate root fractures and canals. Even more importantly, 3D scans provide dentists the ability to gain more accurate measurement of their patient’s dental structure. They can also be used in conjunction with an already existing treatment plan to increase its possibility of success and allowing dental practitioners to be more confident in preparing for various dental procedures, such as extractions, root canals, implants and so on. The clearly laid out details allow dental practitioners to make better decisions, which in turn allows patients to have more confidence.

The use of 3D dental scans also create a more engaging environment where dental practitioners and professionals can assess their patient’s dental health, while at the same time the patient can also ask questions about what they see on the screen. This allows for constant communication between patient and doctor, allowing for a more comfortable dental visit for the patient, which may help put them at ease, especially those who suffer from dental anxiety.

The Galileos 3D CT Scan is highly beneficial because it provides useful information about oral conditions, including:

  • Placement of wisdom teeth
  • Jaw and jaw joint problems
  • Receding bone levels
  • Dental implant positioning and planning
  • Tumors or cysts located on the jaw

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