Everything You Need to Know About Hybridge Implants | Tyngsboro Dentist

We all want to have a great smile and will jump through some dental hoops to get it. We will even buy various over-the-counter products, like teeth whitening kits, in order to get the smile that we dream of. Cosmetic dentistry is the best way to achieve the more intricate work we need done. However, you may not know that depending on your smile’s health, you may not be eligible for the work you’d like done. For example, some patient’s teeth may be too crooked to use invisible braces like Invisalign, or gum disease could prevent you from getting other types of cosmetic dental work, like dental implants.

If your dentist claims that you are ineligible for traditional dental implants, there is no need to fret – there is a new option that can help to get that smile you want. Dr. Yankowkas has integrated Hybridge implants to create the smile you’ve always wanted. These dental implants are ideal for patients for those that don’t qualify dental implants.

Hybridge is a specific technique/protocol that results in a fast, cost effective, simplified treatment approach. The final prosthetic restoration is a cross-linked PMMA and chrome cobalt bridge replacing up to 12 teeth, supported on 5 or 6 dental implants. Told you can’t have an implant? The Hybridge process utilizes bone that all patients already have. The result is full dental function for less than half the cost of conventional implant bridgework and in a fraction of the time. In fact, The Hybridge treatment process can be completed in as little as two weeks, but ultimately depends on the patient’s individual case.

You can have the smile you’ve always wanted. Dental technology is pretty fantastic these days.

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