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We are in a new year and trying to start off the year on a new foot, a new state of mind. Sure, we tend to start off at the gym and one some new healthy food trend in order to do this. One faction of our lives that we tend to overlook while planning our current future is our dental health. And when a toothache stops us in our tracks and a root canal in on the horizon, we tend to pick the first dentist in the directory. But something to consider is searching for an endodontist to heal what ails you. But why choose an endodontist when a dentist can do it? Here are five reasons why:

Anesthesia options. Endodontists have access to far more anesthesia options, which allows you to be fully sedated during the whole procedure. Endodontists are also much better trained in numbing up specific areas.

Comfort. Endodontists have access to better tools and have gone through specialized training to make sure that the process goes much more smoothly with less pain involved.

Corrupted tooth preservation. Because of their expertise and training, endodontists can save even the most corrupted of teeth to keep your smile looking natural and preserving your overall oral health.

Better emergency care. While they may charge more for their services, what you get is well worth it. Not only do you get better quality care, but the endodontist can also see you in order to take care of your emergency much faster.

More specialized training and experience. Endodontists are just better equipped to handle root canals. Not only are they dentists, but they also receive additional training to make sure that they can handle the complexities of dental surgery.

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