A Is for Autumn and Apples | Tyngsboro Dentist

Now that we are smack dab in the middle of Autumn, I think that it’s time to talk about one of our mouth’s very best friends – the apple. Autumn is the time of year nit begins to cool down and the apple is the centerpiece of many of our autumnal celebrations. The leaves change from bright, vivid greens to more rust-like, “apple-y” colorations and we trade out our lemonades for apple cider. ’Tis the season of the apple and we are here to help you celebrate this tooth-friendly food properly.

Apples aren’t only a fruit used to sweet talk the teachers or keep away the doctors. They also help keep our smiles strong and bright. Apples are naturally full of vitamins A and C, key to keeping our gums nice and healthy. The small amount of acid and the crunchiness of the skin that acts as an astringent on your teeth when you bite into it. Scrubbing your teeth as you chew, the juiciness of the apple causes you to produce saliva. The more saliva you have going on, the less chance the bacteria has to bury itself in your mouth, wreaking havoc.

Just because the apple is now our favorite go-to snack, please remember that these sweet fruits do have sugar content, so be sure to brush afterwards to make sure you get rid of the loosened plaque left behind by your apple. If you don’t have a toothbrush handy, do a quick rinse with some water.

So, stock up on those amazing apples. Not only are they great at keeping us healthy, they are also great in lots of healthy autumnal recipes!

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