What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a process wherein the aim is to improve the appearance of the smile of one person through one or a series of cosmetic dentistry procedures, like dental veneers, tooth implants, teeth whitening, composite bonding and so on.

The process takes into consideration your overall facial appearance, your skin tone, the color of your hair, your gum tissue and even your lips, so as to form your ideal smile. Also, taken into consideration are the aspects of your smile that you like or dislike.

To put simply, a smile makeover is an elective procedure, which means you choose to do it on your own, making it different from a full mouth reconstruction, which is something that has to be performed due to urgent health concerns.

Benefits of a Smile Makeover

The expenses involved in a series of cosmetic dentistry procedures are enough for anyone to hesitate about getting a smile makeover. But, while it is indeed an expensive treatment, especially since most dental insurance carriers don’t cover much of the expenses, getting that perfect smile is worth it – both for esthetic and functional reasons.

Below are the many benefits of getting a smile makeover:

  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence. This is, unarguably, one of the many reasons why people are interested in getting a smile makeover in the first place. And, well, there’s no shame in spending money to improve your own look, which may help improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.


  • Fixed bad bites. In many cases, especially in orthodontics, braces or Invisalign just aren’t fitted just for esthetic reasons. Many times, it is to correct a bad bite, which can help improve or fix the function of one’s teeth and may even help prevent gum disease.


  • Prevention of jaw atrophy. Those with missing teeth are candidates for implants, which are great for preventing jaw bone atrophy, while at the same time, helps in maintaining that youthful and vibrant smile.


  • Lowered risk for tooth decay and cavities. Chipped and broken teeth, as well as excessive gaps in between and  cavities can all eventually lead to worse complications down the line. While, in the case of cavities, fillings need not always be cosmetic, having tooth-colored fillings is still a far better-looking option. That and the use of dental crowns and bridges that are made specifically to blend well with the rest of your teeth means that one no longer has to sacrifice esthetic offer function when it comes to preventing further dental complications.


Basically, what a smile makeover does is not just to improve the appearance of your teeth, but also make sure that it’s as function as it is supposed to be.

The fact that smile makeovers are basically a combination of both cosmetic and restorative procedures help make sure that your teeth not only look prettier after the procedure, but also are healthier than ever before.

Makeover Your Smile Today!

From a simple tooth whitening procedure, to the bonding of porcelain veneers and even a combination of many procedures, a smile makeover may just be something that you can benefit from – both health-wise and in esthetics.

So, what are you waiting for?

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The Benefits of 3D Dental Imaging

With new technology being introduced every day, the field of dental medicine isn’t one to be exempted from the many benefits brought about by new machines.

3D dental imaging, such as the Galileos 3d CT scan, present a clear set of advantages for both dental practitioners and patients alike in improving the overall clinical experience.

How 3D Dental Scans Work

3D scans, in a way, provide a live feed of a patient’s dental anatomy from various angles. The various perspectives allow for a better view of the structure of the bones, making it easier to locate root fractures and canals. Even more importantly, 3D scans provide dentists the ability to gain more accurate measurement of their patient’s dental structure.

3D scans can also be used in both diagnosis and treatment planning, making them a very flexible investment. They can also be used in conjunction with an already existing treatment plan to increase its possibility of success and allowing dental practitioners to be more confident in preparing for various dental procedures, such as extractions, root canals, implants and so on.

Benefits of 3D Dental Scans

3D Dental Scans provide dental practitioners fast and accurate imaging that’s both consistent and reliable. This allows them to have a more detailed view of their patient’s dental health, while also allowing them to see specific points of interest to check for problems and to determine what kind of treatment is best suited.

The clearly laid out details allow dental practitioners to make better decisions, which in turn allows patients to have more confidence.

The use of 3D dental scans also create a more engaging environment where dental practitioners and professionals can assess their patient’s dental health, while at the same time the patient can also ask questions about what they see on the screen. This allows for constant communication between patient and doctor, allowing for a more comfortable dental visit for the patient, which may help put them at ease, especially those who suffer from dental anxiety.

Other Benefits

  • A great means to educate patients as 3D dental scans allow dental practitioners demonstrate on a 3D model every part of the process and gives patience a clear view of what’s happening.
  • Developmental abnormalities are clearly shown, which can severely help in the treatment of canines and wisdom teeth.



There simply is no question that 3D dental imaging provides immediate and long-term benefits, both for patients and dentists.

Unfortunately, though, not all dental professionals can afford them and not all are willing to spend money for them. The costs of the equipment, as well as possible office remodelling for the devices and equipment to be installed may just be too much for some. Also, office routines will be interrupted as both staff members and dentists have to learn and adapt to the new technology, which requires a lot of time and effort.

If given the choice, however, between a dentist that has access to equipment such as a Galileos 3D CT scan and one that doesn’t, choose the former. This is because as mentioned many times earlier, there’s really no clear disadvantages when it comes to 3D dental imaging.

Whether it’s restorative dentistry, cosmetic, preventive, advanced, restorative and so on, 3D dental imaging is sure to make dental visits a lot more something to look forward.

For more information regarding 3D dental imaging, contact Dr. James Yankowskas at 978-649-7773 or visit our website at www.tyngsborocosmeticdentist.com to learn about the services Dr. Yankowskas offers.

Dr. James Yankowskas also proudly serves Lowell, Nashua, Dracut, Chelmsford, Dunstable and surrounding areas.